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Ever felt fascinated by Robots? Here is a great opportunity to learn about robotics and make one for yourself. Join us on weekend 14th -15th October 2017 for an exclusive two-day, experiential, hands-on workshop on Robotics!! We'll be covering all the basics as well as providing DIY kit to build different kinds of robots including software and theory material.


  • WHAT: Robotics 101 Hands-on Workshop
  • WHEN: Saturday, Sunday 14th and 15th October 2017
  • TIME: 9:30am - 6:00pm
  • WHERE: Seminar Hall, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur.


  • You will gain exposure to present development of Robotics in world.
  • You will gain knowledge about various software and hardware development boards available in market to build a robot.
  • You will actually have practical DIY experience to BUILD DIFFERENT ROBOTS BY YOURSELF during the course of workshop.
  • Further guidance and insights will be given to participants currently working on some Arduino projects and bring your ideas to reality!!
  • Certificate of participation.


  • Please ensure you bring your laptop and charger!
  • If you are working on any project on Arduino, you can bring it here to discuss with us, as well as a notebook to jot down important key points during the workshop!
  • There are no pre-requisites for this workshop, anybody of any background is welcome to attend, provided they bring their own laptop/machine.
  • If you are a minor of 15 years or younger, you must be accompanied by an adult who should also register for the workshop.
  • Registering for this workshop via the LINK web URLs is a must, please follow:
    • STUDENTS to register @LINK and you will be asked to present your STUDENT ID CARD at the event
    • If you have any questions about the content of the workshop, or in general, please feel free to contact us


  • Introduction to Robotics for absolute beginners
  • Development platforms available in market to start in robotics.
  • Introduction to Arduino, how to install Arduino IDE and understanding the User Interface.
  • Learn to use Arduino. LED interfacing, making different LED patterns, Switch interfacing, understanding to use motor driver IC L293D to run a motor with personalized instructions from expert volunteers.
  • Design aspects of Robot
  • Introduction to Sensors and its types.
  • Understanding IR sensor in detail and its calibration.
  • Interfacing IR sensor to Arduino.
  • Understanding a Line follower robot and Programming a Line follower robot.
  • Understanding and programming an Edge avoiding robot.
  • Understanding and programming a wall following robot.


  • Yashika:+91 98 81 476995
  • Vaidehi:+91 774-189-7534
  • Aditya:+91 7709295605
  • For many such exciting events and its complete details, please visit us onTANTRAFIESTA
  • If you have any questions about the content of the workshop, or in general, please contact Kartik Kinge at kingekartik@gmail.com


  • INR 3000/- per team (3 students)
    The teams will get special discounts in registration fees if participating in Line of Control the Line follower robot competition for our annual Technical Festival TANTRAFIESTA.